I – The Buddha’s View of an Excellent Life


Enlightened origins: The Vinaya training is designed from a mind of complete purity, ability to see past lives, omniscience and how beings fare according to kamma (this gives the authority for the training rules). It’s place in the Gradual training (how the Vinaya fits into the Path toward the goal) DN 2 (page 99-109). (10 pages). Leading a good  life: The benefits of virtue and morality. Various suttas, quotes and readings and how Vinaya implements those. The importance of spiritual community. How the Vinaya enables a harmonious community and a virtuous, good, skilful life which helps both oneself and others.



1) Readings

  1. On the gradual training to enlightenment: The Long Discourses of the Buddha, Sutta 2 (page 99-109).
  2. Look through the booklet called “The Gradual Monastic Training”.
  3. Vision of the Dhamma, by P.A. Payutto, chapter: “Vinaya: The Buddhist Monk’s Discipline” (page 76 – 81).

      2) Extra material

      1. Majjhima Nikaya: Sutta 104: Samagama Sutta (A Vinaya dispute would be trifling…)