Containing material for both teachers and students this curriculum has been designed to be used for foundational Vinaya studies especially during the 3 months of the Rains retreat. In the curriculum you will find:

  •  An self-learning online course for Vinaya students including many references, resources and related material as well as test yourself exams step-by-step along the way.
  • A full length exam at the end of the course to test your knowledge – after completion you receive instant grades on your answers.
  • Printable material for teachers to help in a classroom setting, including lesson templates, exercises and preparatory readings.

How to use the curriculum

The course contains 23 lessons that are designed to be used during the annual rains retreat Vinaya studies. Teachers/presenters of Vinaya during this time will find printable material which can be used during the classes, and students can also be pointed to the online pages for self-study. At the end of the course you also find an exam where students can test their knowledge and understanding.


The course focuses on the Theravada Bhikkhu Patimokkha but also includes other foundational aspects of the Vinaya aiming to give a solid introduction to monastic training. Emphasize is given to make clear the connection to the Dhamma – weaving the two together into an integrated whole. Together they form a way of life that is indeed excellent, leading to welfare and benefit for the world. The course material is largely based on The Buddhist Monastic code by Ven. Ajahn Thanissaro but adding references to many other sources as well.



Curriculum & Course Design: Ven. Anejo Bhikkhu 



Duration: 3 months (recommended)
Time Commitment: 1.5  hours, twice per week (recommended)
Pace: self-determined
Pre-requisites: none