This course involves lessons which lead students through a stepwise, progressive enumeration of groups of Dhammas similar to that found in the Aṅguttara Nikāya. The Course is broken up into Eight Units with each unit providing enough material for a suggested two weeks of in-depth study. The course discussion forum hosted through Discord can be reached through the link to the right.

1.3 – Graceful Dhammas (Khanti and Soracca)


Reffered to in commentarial texts as two beautiful mental qualities which yield gracefulness, this pair of virtues – patience (khanti) and gentleness (soracca) – express themselves on the mental, verbal, and physical planes. In this lesson, we will explore the implications of these two mental strengths both in how they manifest when acting alone and in how they manifest when arising in tandem. Our lens will be, as usual, a combination of primary texts and modern explanation with a focus on both understanding these virtues in context and on how to live and embody patience and gentleness in our lives.

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1) Definitions

  1. Khanti
    1. patience
    2. forbearance
    3. forgivenss
    4. Extra: endurance; khanti (Pali English Dictionary entry)
  2. Soracca
    1. gentleness
    2. restraint
    3. willingness to accept one’s faults
    4. Extra: meekness, soracca (Pali English Dictionary entry)

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2) Sutta Selections

  1. Khanti
    1. MN 21 The Simile of the Saw
    2. Dhp 184 The Highest Austerity
  2. Soracca
    1. MN 21 The Simile of the Saw Continued

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3) Ancient Commentary

  1. Khanti
    1. A Treatise on the Paramis
    2. A Treatise on the Paramis
    3. A Treatise on the Paramis
  2. Soracca
    1. DN-a 33 Saṅgītisuttavaṇṇanā
    2. AN-a 33 Samāppattivaggavaṇṇanā

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4) Modern Commentary

  1. Khanti
    1. Ajahn Thanissaro “Patience”
    2. Ajahn Sucitto  “Pāramī 2: Patience”
  2. Soracca
    1. Ajahn Anan “Patient Forbearance and Gentle Composure”

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6) External Links

  1. Khanti
    1. Wikipedia – khanti
    2. Encyclopedia of Buddhism – khanti
  2. Soracca/Gentleness (trigger warning: non-Buddhist content)
    1. Wikipedia – gentlenss
    2. Wikiversity – gentleness