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Jul 06 - 13 2024


America/ Los Angeles
All Day

Ajahn Anan | Online Meditation Retreat 06-13 Jul 2024 (GMT+7, TH)

Online Retreat with Ajahn Anan
“With each mindful moment, you move one step closer to nibbāna.”
You are invited to join us for the July 2024 Online retreat with Ajahn Anan.
During this retreat, Ajahn Anan and the monastic sangha will guide us on the Buddha’s path of developing a heart of goodness & peace, clarity & wisdom that leads us to shedding suffering and realising true happiness.
About Ajahn Anan (Phra Rajvajiranyan)
Venerable Ajahn Anan Akiñcano took ordination under Venerable Ajahn Chah in 1975 at the age of 22. He spent his early years as a monk living with his teacher, attending on him and receiving his wise guidance.
In 1984, Ajahn Anan established his own branch monastery, Wat Marp Jan, in the east of Thailand. Starting off with nine monks, the community has now grown to around 50. His compassionate presence and diverse teaching approach has attracted students from all over the world.
Ajahn Anan’s teachings emphasise being aware in the present moment, establishing our hearts in kindness, finding inner peace, and reflecting on the nature of our bodies, minds and lives.
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Wat Marp Jan Online Retreat