Material for teachers

TThis section is dedicated to provide teaching material for those who teach in a classroom setting using this curricilum. Here you will find:

  • Lesson templates – which help you structure the lessons and provide useful and important references and source material.
  • Preparatory readings – can be used as posters to announce what readings the students need to go through beforehand.
  • Study questions – which can be handed out before the class so students can prepare themselves by going through the readings and finding answers to the questions; or as a way of conducting the class itself – asking the students during the class.

Introducing a Noble way of life

Session Description Templates and resources
1. The Buddha’s View of an Excellent Life The first session includes material on Enlightened origins:, It’s place in the Gradual training, Leading a good  life: The benefits of virtue and morality., The importance of spiritual community.
2. Understanding Dhamma-Vinaya and the Pātimokkha
  • Introduction (page 1-20). (20 pages),  Pātimokkha (page 21-28). (8 pages)
  • Lesson template #2
  • Preparatory readings #2
  • Study questions #2
3. Going forth, Dependence and How to Leave the Training Description…
  • Lesson template #3
  • Preparatory readings #3
  • Study questions #3


Core principles
(Pārājikas and related rules)

4. Celibacy and Renunciation I Description…
  • Lesson template #1
  • Preparatory readings #1
  • Study questions #1
5. Not Taking What is Not Given
6. Harmlessness and Compassion
7. Truthfulness and Skilful Speech I


Further important areas
(Saṇghādisesas and related rules)

8. Celibacy and Renunciation II

9.  Celibacy and Renunciation III

10. Dwellings and Furniture

11. Truthfulness and Skilful Speech II

12. Respect for the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha and the Training

More areas of training and care
(Rules grouped by topic)

13. Money and Trade

14. Robes and Cloth I

15. Robes and Cloth II

16. Food and Consumables I

17. Food and Consumables II

18. Bowls and Other Requisites

19. Proper, Composed, and Graceful Behaviour I

20. Proper, Composed, and Graceful behaviour II

21. Community Harmony and Procedures

22. Various Good Conduct

23. Relating to Nuns

Final Exam

At the end of a study term there are different options for how to conduct an exam. Please find different suggestions below:

  1. Writing a short essay – “What is the purpose of the Vinaya?”